Why I write the way I do: A letter for the Reader

So, there’s something that I get quite often about my writing that I really feel the need to cover and clarify. Due to popular demand (hee-haw not really..) and the annoying redundancy of having to repeat myself every time I share a new piece with someone, I wish to explain why I write the way I do.
Hear me out.. I know, its hard to think otherwise when my posts include pro-feminist propaganda art and Simone de Beauvoir quotes, but I promise there’s a meaning to it all. I support all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, and my writing style is just a different take on perspective and flexibility.
When people ask me why I write the way I do, my usual reply is that I like to think of my writing as fluid. For some, that is difficult to grasp, and if that’s you, then fear no more, because I’ll elaborate and make it nice and simple to comprehend. When I say that my writing is  fluid, I simply mean that the reader can interpret the piece from any perspective and voice that they choose.
I enjoy playing around with different perspectives from either sexes/genders (m/f). You’ll find that many of my poems and pieces of writing are from a male perspective (m); this has been my primary P.O.V as I am highly fascinated by and interested in the thinking abilities and romantic feelings of a man. Therefore, some works are entirely from a male perspective, while others are from female, or both. They vary in subject, emotional stance, and other factors. I believe that since everyone’s idea of reality and life is entirely unique and different, it’s extremely important to be able to adapt to each other’s ideas, morals, and perspectives, and most crucially, empathize.  The key to understanding the purpose and meaning of life begins with understanding one another.
Additionally, you may have come across some spicy literature of mine; I truly hope that I didn’t scare you off with that! 🙂 One of my goals as a writer is to become comfortable with myself, my readers, and being able to write about nearly anything and everything. This means that stepping out of my comfort zone is necessary and encouraged. I am not afraid to take a leap towards something different, controversial, or rare. That is, after all, what makes great writers, well, great.
When reading my posts, I hope that you gain a better understanding and awareness of all of life’s great and small themes: death, love, knowledge, devotion and appreciation for nature, self-loathing, self-love; fear, as well as universal and existential themes. The world is your canvas; mine is a pen and paper. Go out and create something extraordinary. Even if entirely personal, your talent and the essence of you is a contribution to the universe in itself.

R.I.P Bambi, my girl. June 18, 2009- March 12, 2018